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Wordpress Hosting - Updated Apr 2020

With blogging becoming increasingly popular by the day WordPress web hosting sites are also increasing in popularity. Take a look our top 10 wordpress hosting list


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$3.99UnlimitedUnlimited30 Days7+

$5.56UnlimitedUnlimited90 Days9+

$3.25UnlimitedUnlimitedAny Time!1+

$3.50UnlimitedUnlimited30 Days0+

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$4.95UnlimitedUnlimited30 Days61+

$4.00UnlimitedUnlimited60 Days41+

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$3.96UnlimitedUnlimited45 Days1+

$3.95UnlimitedUnlimited30 Days1+


WordPress is the leading blogging tool on the internet today so if you want to develop a blog your best choice is a WordPress web hosting company.

WordPress is a blog publishing application and started back in 2003 when blogging was in its infancy.  To have a smooth running blog site you are going to want a WordPress web hosting site.  Whether you are new to blogging or are an ‘old timer’ WordPress hosting is a must.

With a WordPress blog you can customize your blog any way you wish to and WordPress will properly position your blog within the search engines according to your blog description.  If you are starting an on-line presence, starting a blog is a wonderful tool to promote your business and creating a customer base. 

WordPress offers a huge access of plug-ins so you can add many functions to your blog site.  Whether you want widgets, polls or want comments WordPress web hosting is an excellent choice.  There are no limits as to what you can add to your blogsite.

WordPress will function as a content management system and your blog will always run smoothly.  Customer service is definitely not an issue with WordPress they are available when you need them.  Start promoting your on-line business and start a blog create a database of customers and make sure you update your blog everyday.


Why You Should Opt for WordPress Hosting

When looking for a professional host for your webpage, be it for personal or for business purposes, WordPress is an ideal option.  Thanks to its ease of use, heavily customizable layouts and options, search engine optimization, and other reasons this WordPress is an ideal candidate for hosting your website. WordPress hosting gives you access to a variety of tools in order to fully optimize your webpage, all of which is handed to you without having to know anything about HTML coding or FTP software design.  This article will outline the many benefits of WordPress. In doing so, you will be able to go forth and create your own webpage to lead you and your business to success.


Intuitive Design


Although it will look confusing at first, the user interface associated with WordPress is actually easy to use whether you are a novice computer user or a full-fledged expert. When you log into your personalized WordPress account, you will be able to add and edit posts to your site, monitor activity and comments, and make adjustments to your personalized site itself, all of which can be done with just the few clicks of a button. Several tutorial videos and guides exist that will guide you through the basics of using WordPress. From there, you will be able to efficiently operate and maintain your website without any hassle.


No Knowledge of HTML or FTP Software Required


Upon making an account on WordPress, you are automatically given a template for which you can create and design your own website. However, what would normally take gratuitous amounts of work is made easy by WordPress is that it is a self-contained system.  New pages and blog posts are created within your WordPress account. From here, media such as images and videos can also be uploaded, all without any need of coding or design.


Heavily Customizable


WordPress hosting allows you to make a webpage that is unique and your own. From being able to host thousands of pages on one site to designing the layout and look of your site exactly to your specifications, WordPress can do it all. WordPress acts as your site’s virtual engine, and with it you can make a site tailor-made to your brand. Multitudes of plug-ins are also available for WordPress sites, which can give your webpage added functionality. From calendars, to video galleries, Twitter feeds, and more, options are truly endless when it comes to WordPress plug-ins, making this an undoubted benefit of WordPress.


Search Engine Optimization


If you are a growing business with a place in the realms of the Internet, you will no doubt be aware of search engine optimization. SEO practices help you utilize your site in order to bring the highest number of visitors and traffic to your site. When using WordPress, you are already halfway there as search engines highly tout WordPress sites. The code that is involved with WordPress as a whole is incredibly refined, making it easy for search engines to pick it out of a crowd, per se. Furthermore, each individual post you make can have its own Meta tagged keywords, descriptions, and titles, allowing further search engine optimization, and thus driving up your site’s overall ranking.


In Summary


Overall, WordPress hosting is essentially an unbeatable choice when it comes to choosing a home for your webpage. It is unmatched by the competition in its customization features, ease of use, and integration with search engines. Given the many benefits of WordPress listed here and many others as well, choosing this to house your domain will give you and your brand an edge when it comes to diversifying your name in the online sphere.


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