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Windows Hosting - Updated Apr 2020

If you use .NET script to create your website you will need a windows web hosting site as well as if you use MS SQL or Microsoft Access databases, ASP.Net scripts you will require a Windows web hosting site.  Take a look our top 10 windows hosting list


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If you are using PHP scripts and MySQL you will need a Linux webhosting site.

If you are using ASP for your website your only choice for support will be a Windows web hosting site instead of a Linux or Unix provider.

If you like neatly interlocking, integrated modules and the simplicity of point and click along with minimum program knowledge then a Windows web hosting site is definitely the one for you to use.  Windows hosting is extremely.

Just remember,  research all types of web hosting sites here that will be the perfect fit for you and your on-line business.

When opting for a hosting service, you are allowed to choose the kind of hosting that you will use. It will be either Linux or Windows hosting. Aside from familiarity with Windows applications, what are the other benefits of considering a Windows hosting service?

If you are using .net framework or visual basic as your programming language, Windows hosting is the only choice.  Some people also prefer PHP as their programming language, and it is compatible with Linux, but most people still prefer the .net framework and visual basic since they are easier.

If you are familiar with ASP, it is only supported by Windows web hosting. This is a highly popular program language used by a lot of website developers around the globe. This is the main reason why people tend to choose Windows web hosting instead of Linux hosting services.

Windows is more superior when it comes to .ASP and Dynamically Database Driven Pages. Basically, Linux does not support .ASP so if you are going to use this as a scripting language for your website, it is still better to choose a windows web hosting service.

Getting a Windows server can also integrate Access database to your website with ease. This is mainly because Access is more compatible with a windows server. Though MySQL is quite popular lately, many people still opt for Access when creating a website.

A Windows web hosting is also beneficial if you are planning to use Windows development programs and create Windows applications for your website. Linux does not support Windows development programs, so a windows hosting is still a better alternative if you are thinking of creating windows applications.

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