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Reseller Hosting - Updated Apr 2020

Reseller web hosting is the up and coming source of extra income on line as anyone can do it. Take a look our top 10 reseller hosting list


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If you are becoming your own boss and want to make an extra income you will want to become a reseller hosting provider.

Large web hosting firms rent out a portion of their disk space and bandwidth to a customer.  This customer purchases this portion and then breaks up the disk space and bandwidth in their own packages and resells these packages to other customers. The potential for you to make a large income doing this is great and you will have your own side business with no downside and lots of benefits. 

Essentially, you are becoming the middle man for the original web hosting site.  If you were to purchase 1000MB of disk space and bandwidth, you would ten split this into smaller sections and sell these smaller sections to other people creating your own customer base and making a profit on your original purchase.  This would be, say, 10 new accounts and each new account is charged, by you, $10 per month which will be $100 per month extra in your pocket.  You will be reaping rewards on your initial investment without breaking a sweat.

Resellers Panel (WHM) is a quick, easy and no hassle way to having your own web hosting company without paying any extra charges.  It is the equivalent of opening a new email account from a free provider.  You will have no signup fee or reseller fees.  There are also no fees for hosting packages, servers or billing fees.  The downside is that you will not be able to offer many options as your clients may need with a paid site.

Reseller hosting programs will offer Reseller Control Panel which is a tool that allows you as the original purchaser to configure your own individual web hosting site.  You will be able to set your own pricing and packages and you will be able to keep your customers information confidential.  The original hosting company will provide all services in your name so there is no indication that you are a reseller.  You can also get discount whole prices which will allow you to obtain domain names, shared hosting plans and server packages at lower than market price.

If you are interested in the Reseller web site hosting program you will need to know what you would like to offer your clients up front.  You will need to decide if you want to offer SEO tools, store fronts, domain names or dedicated server accounts.  You want the ability to offer as much as you can without over extending yourself.  By reselling you will have the ability to make quite a bit of money with your original investment.  It’s a win/win opportunity.

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