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E-commerce Hosting - Updated Apr 2020

If you are selling products or services on your website then you are an Ecommerce website.  Being an ecommerce site you need a webhosting site that is safe and secure as it is handling your money. Take a look our top 10 ecommerce hosting list


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$6.95UnlimitedUnlimitedAny Time!0+

$3.95UnlimitedUnlimited30 Days1+



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$4.95UnlimitedUnlimited30 Days61+

$5.56UnlimitedUnlimited90 Days9+

$4.00UnlimitedUnlimited60 Days41+

$3.95UnlimitedUnlimited30 Days8+

$3.96UnlimitedUnlimited45 Days1+

$4.08UnlimitedUnlimited30 Days0+


Ecommerce websites are known as online platforms where buying and selling transactions happen. All the transactions done on the Internet including ordering and payment for products and services happen in an ecommerce platform. If you are planning to establish an ecommerce website, you need to create a website that can easily handle these transactions and consider an Ecommerce hosting.

Ecommerce hosting is a type of hosting service made solely for ecommerce websites. Basically, most of the features and services offered by an ecommerce hosting are dedicated to the websites that are handling buying and selling transactions on the Internet. Some people think that an ecommerce web hosting may not always be a good solution while some think that it is a must for ecommerce websites.

Basically, aside from the basic functionalities of an ecommerce website, the most important element that you need to look for in an ecommerce hosting is security. Most people consider an ecommerce hosting because it provides complete security to the transactions made on the website. As you all know, for every transaction made in an ecommerce website, the money is not the only think that is at risk, but also the personal information of the buyer. If you simply consider a hosting with less security just because your website is not yet popular, then you are doing a wrong choice. When it comes to ecommerce websites, an ecommerce hosting is always the best choice.

Ecommerce hosting also provides compatibility to ecommerce websites. If you will consider a different type of hosting, there might be some functionality that will not work perfectly for your website. Some plugins may not work on other hosting services as well. Upgrades will be easier on your ecommerce website if you will consider a hosting made solely for this type of website.

You are storing sensitive information on the hosting server as well. Most of the information that you are dealing with are not just any kind of information. All the data that you store on the hosting server are information about your buyers including their orders and their payment information. Do you really think that storing this information on any server will provide you any benefits? If you store this on a shared or VPS hosting, can you really be sure that the data are safe, and no one will access them? This is something that an ecommerce hosting offers.

You have to remember that ecommerce hosting plays an important role for your ecommerce websites. If you have any plans of creating your own ecommerce website, you should always consider an ecommerce web hosting above anything else. It will guarantee the security that your website needs including the smooth transactions for your buyers.

SEO is a definite must for ecommerce sites to become successful. Comparing search engine placement tools, free search engine ad credits and SEO tools that are offered on your ecommerce hosting site is important.  Search engine placement tools include automatic submissions of each new page of your site to the popular search engines.  Make sure they use Google, as the most popular, Yahoo and Bing.  You may also be offered free ad credits on the large search engines which is a good thing to take advantage of if it is offered to you.  Analytics tools are a must in determining the effectiveness of your SEO and marketing skills.

Many webhosting sites offer ‘unlimited’ disk space and bandwidth. Smaller sites need quality customer service, strong service, knowledgeable IT employees and your webhosting site must be available when you need them 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If you are not sure which ecommerce site to choose from, read the customer reviews.  People like to talk and they will say whether they are happy or not.

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