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Dedicated Servers - Updated Apr 2020

Dedicated web hosting companies provide large websites with a lot of traffic higher security and more reliability than your standard web hosting sites.  With a dedicated web hosting site you are renting or leasing your own server.  These dedicated servers provide the quickest speed and best reliability than shared sites. Take a look out top dedicated hosting providers


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You are provided with the best security to prevent hackers from entering your website as well as provided a state-of-art datacenter.  Dedicated web hosting sites provides you, the customer, complete power and control of how your website is managed.

By having a dedicated web hosting site you don’t have to worry about bandwidth, remember bandwidth provides you with large disk space and allows your own website to become as large as you want it to be.  Dedicated web hosting companies also come with dedicated customer service which is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays.  You will be treated with the best IT support and customer service to make sure your website is maintained and always functioning.

A dedicated server will allow you to experiment with variations of your website to see which version gets the better customer attention and response.  In doing this, make sure the dedicated servers software is one you are completely familiar with and you are fluent enough to be able makes these changes with your website.  If you are not an IT person, as stated earlier, IT will be available for you all day and all night.

Having a dedicated web hosting site is the most expensive way to go when choosing a web hosting site for your on-line business and you need to be fluent in the types of software the hosting site uses.  However, if you are able to do this, you will have more control over your site than using a shared web hosting site.

A dedicated server allows you, as the customer, as well as your clients security of protected data that is displayed on your website without having to share a server with many other on-line businesses.  There are less risks of obtaining a virus or other issues that may occur with a shared server.  You will not have technical restrictions or small amounts of disc space.  Your download and upload speeds will be quick, which is what customers like, and you will not have security issues or traffic issues as you may have with shared servers.

Dedicated web hosting sites have become so popular that theses dedicated sights are in need of their own server and special internet connections.  With dedicated web hosting you are leasing the space so you have control over the aspects of your website, more traffic and you will be given the opportunity to rent space to your clients.

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