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Cloud Hosting - Updated Apr 2020

Cloud web hosting is using a third party network of servers to store and manage data instead of doing it oneself on various drives. Compare the best cloud hosting providers


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The best cloud web hosting services are reliable with data. The data saved on a cloud site has to be safe from corruption. Hosts should be able to work with multiple operating systems. Amount of space can range between 10 GB and 100 GB depending on how much money is being poured into the host. Cloud servers can meet the needs of their clients. If a client is in need of a private network, this can be arranged. Support is typically 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Some of the top cloud hosting sites will offer free cloud storage with extra services tacked on which are automated, encrypted and secure. Unlimited storage space is almost a necessity especially for business owners who are always accumulating more information.

Many people are thinking about the possible benefits that they can obtain from cloud hosting. Some of them may prefer a dedicated server, VPS or shared hosting, but most of the web masters suggest the use of cloud server. If you are given the chance to choose on a cloud web hosting, dedicated server and shared hosting, which is a better option? Cloud servers will surely be the best choice among the other hosting, but what are the benefits of cloud hosting when compared with shared hosting and dedicated servers?

The security of cloud web hosting is superior compared with a shared hosting. Your file system will not be accessible to other users, unlike shared hosting. Your files will have full security and privacy.

You will also have complete control over your web server. You can control administrative and root access, and you can modify server configuration files anytime you want. Installing your preferred applications will not a problem as well when you compare it to shared hosting.

Cloud hosting completely isolates your server from the other users of the service. In a shared hosting, there are different users sharing on a single web server. It means that no matter what the other customers do with their servers, it will not affect the performance and speed of your web server.

Cloud web hosting also offers stable services with the ultimate performance. Unlike a shared hosting, nothing can affect the performance of your web servers.

The main advantage of cloud hosting over a dedicated server is the cost. Dedicated servers may cost around $100 to $1,000. The prices are fixed even if you are not utilizing the full services of a dedicated server. Cloud web hosting, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to simply pay what you used. It means that you do not have to pay a lot of money if you are not using a lot of data on the cloud hosting service providers.

Upgrades in a cloud web hosting are also easier compared with a dedicated server. If you plan to upgrade your subscription, you can easily do it without any troubles and problems with your current server.

Managing backups is easier with cloud web servers. They provide a user friendly control panel that will help you manage your backups and other files. This is not something that you can find on a dedicated server.

Cloud hosting offers better flexibility compared with a dedicated server. If you are thinking about increasing your service plan, the process is quite easy and you can immediately transfer to a more powerful server. For dedicated servers, you need to wait for a long time for the set up to be completed, so it means that the downtime is also long.

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