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Best Budget Hosting - Top 10 Web Hosting - Updated Feb 2019

There are many benefits to having a budget webhosting site for your business.  However, choosing the right budget for you as well as making sure your site is secure and safe, functions properly and has IT assistance can sometimes be difficult to find. In order to make your life a little easier we have put together a list of the top best budget webhosting sites on the internet that will provide you with quality and an affordable price.


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$3.95UnlimitedUnlimited30 Days8+

$4.95UnlimitedUnlimited30 Days61+

$5.56UnlimitedUnlimited90 Days9+

$4.00UnlimitedUnlimited60 Days41+


We are all on a tight budget these days and especially when you are running an online business your budget is even tighter.  However, just because your budget is small doesn’t mean that you have to give up great customer service, IT availability and a secure hosting server.

Our expert webmasters compared these budget webhosting sites to others and found them to be the best.  These sites are based on price, reliability, IT customer support and bandwidth.  We want to make sure that your budget webhosting choice fits all of the needs of your online business. 

Yes, there are a lot webhosting sites on the internet, however, they add advertisements  on your website and some have server issues and no IT help whatsoever.  When running your online business you want to make sure your questions and website issues are handled in a prompt manner. Free hosting sites will bombard you with banners and pop-ups that will drive your customers away.  Pop-ups are a big turnoff to a potential customer.  Not to mention that your free website may not be searched by the major search engines due to the fact they are considered ‘the redheaded stepchild’ of the internet.

With budget webhosting sites you won’t have to worry about banner ads or sudden pop-up ads on your website. These types of ads are how the free hosting sites make their money.  With a paid webhosting site you will have to turn your company into a www. URL but having a URL that is your own can be advantageous down the line as no one can use the name of your business but you.

Even though you are looking for a budget webhosting site you should be offered the best service and quality.  There should be IT staff, mailing list programs, security, statistical information on your visitors and good data transfer. 

Data transfer is also known as bandwidth.  This allows for your web pages to load quickly so your customers are not bored in waiting.  When you have a bored customer you have no customers. You want to make sure you are set for the future because when your online company takes off and the more customers you receive you will need more bandwidth and an honest budget webhosting company will advise you on this.

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