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What is a Reseller Hosting?

posted on Aug 25, 2013 under Reseller Hosting Reseller Reseller host

Reseller hosting is a typical approach many businesses with limited bandwidth and data storage take to make some extra money on the side away from their business. Sometimes, companies can make a whole living with reselling their hosting capabilities to other smaller businesses which might not need the same kind of storage. A reseller package can make it so a business pays one monthly fee for their hosting instead of many to different companies. Having everything consolidated under one banner means more features and space for the company to grow. One of the advantages of reseller hosting is companies may also run different aspects of their site with different URLs, such as instead of It allows for better organization of the site.

Reseller hosting allows for more features than basic hosting plans. The administration control panel will have more features and power to do exactly what is necessary to keep the site running and further expansion. Many sites work with Cpanel/WHM (a user friendly and powerful control panel used by many reseller and dedicated hosting plans). These companies can offer unlimited SSL certificates. This added capability is effective especially when considering there is little to no maintenance on the part of the hosting entity. Server issues are taken care of at their physical location which could be anywhere. They are not the problem of the reseller. The technical support department handles these problems with the buyers of resold hosting.

A reseller hosting plan allows for taking advantage of similar features without added cost. Reseller plans are typically low priced when compared to dedicated servers. This means the reselling company has more financial backing in other areas where the company needs. Running multiple sites at once from one reselling plan is cheaper than dividing resources between multiple hosting plans. Buyers can get five sites through one plan for less than a quarter of what it might cost to get five different sites on five different plans.

A reseller hosting plan affords the reseller the option to micromanage as much as possible. It will give access to as many features as possible controlling disk space, bandwidth limits as well as other important areas involved with running the website. This is a time saving device just as much as the act of reselling is making an additional income. This is akin to renting out a guest house in the back of a property. The income is nice to have and can afford many interesting opportunities.

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