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Significant Differences between Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server

posted on Aug 30, 2013 under cloud hosting dedicated server

Most users are thinking about getting a cloud hosting service, while others are relying on the traditional dedicated server. Both of them offer great benefits to users, but they have significant differences that you need to understand. If you have problems in choosing a hosting service, here are some of the significant differences between the two.

Basically, a cloud hosting service and a dedicated server is different when it comes to the setup time. When you avail a dedicated hosting, there is a set-up time required before you can access the server. It means that you have to wait until the set-up is completed before you can access it. On the other hand, only an instance is created in a cloud server.  The user can access it in a matter of minutes after availing the services. Setting up an instance is definitely faster than setting up a whole server, so cloud hosting is faster than a dedicated server when it comes to the set-up time.

The cost of services is another issue for a cloud hosting and dedicated server. Basically, the price range of a dedicated hosting is between $100 and $1,000, but the minimum billing is actually around $50. The price of a cloud server is not fixed compared with a dedicated hosting. This is mainly because you only pay what you use. The Pay-as-you-go model of cloud hosting is one of the reasons why most people prefer it over dedicated servers. It means that you only pay the data store and data transfer cost that your website uses.

When it comes to performance, they are both comparable to each other. A dedicated hosting is as fast as a cloud server. However, what makes them different is the occurrence of a “dirty” instance. For a dedicated server, the occurrence of this dirty instance can only slow down the server. The same instance happens with a cloud hosting, but the users will not experience any slow down on their servers. This is because cloud servers have the ability to switch to a new instance while you are waiting for the dirty instance to be cleaned. After the cleaning, it will be transferred back to your original instance without any hassles.

The most notable difference between a cloud hosting and a dedicated server is reliability issues. Data is stored and retrieved in multiple machines, in a cloud server. If a server crash suddenly occurs, your website will not go down and you can only experience some performance issues. However, if you are using a dedicated hosting and a server crash occurs, your website will also experience downtime until the server is fixed.

As you can see, cloud servers and dedicated hosting have significant differences, so choosing a hosting service still depends on your personal needs.

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