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The Benefits Offered by a VPS Server to Web Masters

posted on Aug 28, 2013 under Vps Hosting Vps server Benefits vps

Before you decide to opt for a VPS server, it’s better to know some of the advantages that it offers. If you are going to switch from a shared server to a VPS hosting, knowing some of its benefits would really be a great help to know if you made the right choice.

When you talk about security features, a VPS server is more secured compared with shared hosting. This is because shared hosting allows multiple users to access a single server. VPS provides you a single physical host server where you can securely run multiple server instances. It means that you are the only who has access to the server.

A VPS hosting provides guaranteed CPU processing time. If you are sharing a single server with other users, their activities may affect the other websites on the server. With a VPS server, you do not have to worry about other websites because you already have your own server and the CPU processing time is guaranteed already.

A VPS server provides more resources compared with shared hosting. If you need upgrades or additional resources, a VPS hosting can provide them as needed.

A Virtual Private Server also allows you to manage and install your own applications. It means that you can install any software that you want to use for your site without thinking about restrictions. A shared hosting plan provides restrictions when it comes to applications, and you can only rely on the capabilities that they offer to their users.

When you talk about restrictions, a VPS hosting does not have any restrictions. Allowed memory usage and allowed processing time are not present anymore because you will be given a large memory and faster processing time good enough to handle multiple server instances. Restrictions are often reinforced on shared hosting so most websites under this type of hosting is not reliable.

If a hardware failure occurs, a VPS server can easily be transferred to a new host. This is a good way to increase the reliability of your site because the downtime will be lessened. This is better compared to a dedicated server plan since it takes a lot of expenses, time and efforts to reconfigure the server in case of a hardware failure.

A VPS hosting is a cheaper alternative that provides a lot of advantages to users. A shared hosting is definitely for beginners and opting for a VPS hosting is more cost efficient than getting a dedicated server. If you do not have enough finances to avail a dedicated server, a VPS server can be a good alternative. You can look closely on these benefits before you decide to avail a Virtual Private Server.

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